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BRAEBURN - Very hard crispy, tart sweet tasty flavor. Eating and baking. October 20

CORTLAND - Excellent Juicing, applesauce and pies. Sweet-tart. September 15

FUJI - Our sweetest variety. Excellent keeper. October 20

GALA - Small to medium size, sweet crisp eating apple. Mid August

GINGERGOLD - Large sweet juicy yellow apple. Very good eating and baking. Sweet-tart.
August 15

GREENING - Old fashion baking apple. Tart.

GRANNY SMITH - Excellent baking, juicing and eating. Great keeper. October 25

GOLDEN DELICIOUS - Excellent all uses. Good choice for a diabetic pie. October 15

HONEYCRISP - Large in size, sweet crisp juicy eating. September 5

IDA RED - Excellent baking apple. Tart. October 10

JONATHAN MAC - Old favorite. Pies, applesauce, eating. Early Sept. - September 1

JONAGOLD - Large size. Crisp sweet tart. Excellent eating, baking. September 20

MACINTOSH - Excellent juicing, applesauce and pies. September 1

MACOUN - Most popular variety. Excellent Juicing, eating, applesauce and pies.
September 20

MELROSE - Large in size, sweet crisp juicy eating. October 10

MUTSU - Large Size, Sweet crisp juicy eating. October 5

NORTHERN SPY - Baking apple. Tart. October 5

PARLARED - Eating. Similar to Cortland. August 2

PRISTINE - Medium size. Sweet-tart. Late July

RED DELICIOUS - Sweet eating. October 1

RED WINESAP - Small to medium size. Crisp and tart flavor. October 25

STAYMAN (WINESAP) - Large size, excellent tart flavor. October 5

THYDEMAN MAC - Eating. August 20