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Buy or pick-your-own from our 2,000 semi dwarf and dwarf trees!
*Star indicates varieties available for pick-your-own


Eating and baking October 20
Cameo Eating and baking October 15*
Cortland Eating and baking September 15*
Empire Eating and baking October 1*
Fujie Excellent keeper October 20*
Gingergold Eating and Baking August 15*
Gala Eating September 5*
Greening Baking September 25
Granny Smith Baking and Eating October 25
Golden Delicious Excellent all uses October 10*
Honeycrisp Eating and Baking September 5*
Ida Red Baking October 10*
Jonamac Eating and Baking September 1*
Jonagold Eating and Baking September 20*
Macintosh Eating and Baking September 7*
Macoun Eating and Baking September 20*
Melrose Eating and Baking October 10*
Mutsu (Crispin) Eating October 5*
Northern Spy Baking October 5
Red Delicious Eating October 1*
Stayman (Winesap) Eating October 5
Red Winesap Eating October 25
Thydeman Eating August 20
Parlared Eating August 20
Pristine Eating Late July
Note: Pick-your-own varieties are subject to change depending on yearly harvest conditions.