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Buy or pick-your-own from our 2,000 semi dwarf and dwarf trees

Please call (860) 872-1665 for picking conditions and times. The list below gives you a general idea of when each variety is ready for picking.



Eating and baking October 20
Cameo Eating and baking October 15
Cortland Eating and baking September 15
Empire Eating and baking October 1
Fujie Excellent keeper October 20
Gingergold Eating and Baking August 15
Gala Eating September *
Greening Baking September 25
Granny Smith Baking and Eating October 25
Golden Delicious Excellent all uses October 10
Honeycrisp Eating and Baking September 5
Ida Red Baking October 10
Jonamac Eating and Baking September 1
Jonagold Eating and Baking September 20
Macintosh Eating and Baking September 7
Macoun Eating and Baking September 20
Melrose Eating and Baking October 10
Mutsu (Crispin) Eating October 5
Northern Spy Baking October 5
Red Delicious Eating October 1
Stayman (Winesap) Eating October 5
Red Winesap Eating October 25
Thydeman Eating August 20
Parlared Eating August 20
Pristine Eating Late July


Note: Pick-your-own varieties are subject to change depending on yearly harvest conditions.