BioLet Composting Toilet 65a BIO65a

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$2,970.00$3,750.00 (-21%)


For the ultimate in capacity and convenience and for real luxury whether it be elegant and sharp in your home or rugged and dependable in your vacation cottage, the all-new BioLet 65a is a perfect choice. With its fully automated operation, including an advanced active liquid control sensor, fan, and automatic mixer, it is easy to see that this toilet means business. Approved and certified by the world’s leading testing authorities, the BioLet 65a is clearly the most advanced and reliable composting toilet available.

The BioLet 65a is the only biological toilet to carry the Swan Ecolabel. This certification is the most prestigious approval in Scandinavia, the world’s largest market for composting toilets, and is the most thorough testing for closed toilet systems in the world!

For those who need extra capacity, the BioLet 65a is the right choice. Rated for 4 people full-time use and 6 people part-time use, the BioLet 65a is perfect for your house or vacation home where you take the “whole clan” along on the weekends.

As with all BioLet toilets, the BioLet 65a is easy to install and thanks to its advanced features exceptionally easy to maintain.

How do they work?
BioLet works with Nature

BioLet unites the natural composting process with advanced technology accelerating and optimizing biological decomposition, evaporating excess liquid, and exhausting odors… all within an elegant bathroom fixture that is easy to use and economical to operate.

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The closed-system BioLet toilets are fully automatic electric toilets that anticipate your every move! Sitting on the toilet seat opens the trap doors; closing the toilet seat lid activates the stainless steel mixing mechanism that efficiently breaks down paper and distributes moisture into the compost material in the upper chamber. The material in the upper chamber is finished in the lower chamber and eventually emptied. The BioLet 65 features LED maintenance indicators to let you know when it is time to empty the lower chamber. The non-composted portion and the dry, composted portion are kept separate.

A fan circulates warm air under and around the compost for fast decomposition and evaporation of liquid. A float switch operates an additional bottom heater if excess liquid is detected. Once a week or as needed, mulch is added through the toilet seat opening.

Using energy-efficient Swedish technology, electrical consumption is very low with an adjustable power setting, which is adjusted according to the number of people using the toilet. When you are away for more than two days, just turn off your BioLet!

Easy to Clean and Maintain
• Made from durable polished polystyrene ABS plastic
• Smooth design; no crevices or hard-to-clean areas
• Removable toilet seat for extremely easy cleaning
• Equipped with a compost cover that hides toilet contents
• If used seasonally, empty the humus tray only once a year

Installation is Easy!
The average handy person can install a BioLet toilet in no time with common
household tools. Simply follow the clear instructions provided in the standard
installation kit.

Download The Products Instruction Manual Here

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BioLet Composting Toilet 65a BIO65a

$2,970.00$3,750.00 (-21%)

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