BLUETTI AC200P L 2304Wh 2400W Portable Power Station

$1,899.00$2,234.99 (-15%)

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$1,899.00$2,234.99 (-15%)


Ready for 99% of Devices

The AC200P L delivers 2,400W rated power, covering most loads in your RV or at home.
Activate the Power Lifting Mode via the BLUETTI App, and you can kick it up a notch and run power-hungry heating devices up to 3,600W

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Your Plug-and-play RV Power Solution

With the D40 Voltage Regulator*, a DC-DC battery charger exclusively designed for RV, you can directly charge the 12V house batteries in your RV via AC200P L, solar panels, or starter batteries. Thus, the essentials in your mobile home, such as the mini fridge, air conditioner, and tire pump, will be backed by sufficient power source.
*Sold separately.

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Charge Your RV Anytime, Anywhere

With a TT-30 port, you can power your RV directly from the AC200P L, making it a dependable source of energy on wheels. You can charge your laptop, cellphone, and camera while you savor your meal in style.

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Up to 8kWh Expandable Capacity

AC200P L is perfectly compatible with B210P, B230, and B300 expansion batteries. So you can customize the capacity to an incredible 8,448Wh. Making the full potential of limitless power has never been easier.

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Fastest Charging Among 2kWh Power Station

With accelerated 2,400W Turbo Charging, replenish to 80% capacity in just 1 Hour, and 1.5 hours for a full charge! AC200P L sets a new standard for most competitors in the market. Get ready to power up swiftly for uninterrupted use during your adventures.

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Charge Your Way, Power Your Way

Flexible to get it charged via AC outlets, solar panels, car charger, generator, or lead-acid batteries, you can stay powered and explore the unknown with confidence even far off the grid.

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BLUETTI AC200P L 2304Wh 2400W Portable Power Station

$1,899.00$2,234.99 (-15%)

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