BLUETTI AC300 Inverter Module Generator | 3,000W (Requires The B300 to Work)

$1,399.00$1,649.99 (-15%)

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$1,399.00$1,649.99 (-15%)


3000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

With a quality AC inverter, the AC300 is capable and safe enough to take care of your high-power devices like air conditioners, fridges, mowers and laser cutting machines.

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Expandable Power Supply

As BLUETTI’s first 100% modular station, the AC300 can accept external battery packs and boost its capacity to a Max. 12,288Wh. From emergency backup to off-grid power source, this generator for home backup is sure to handle all your electricity needs.

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5400W Fast Charging

Plug in the adapter and solar panels, then you can top up BLUETTI AC300 with astonishing 5400W input rate. Charge this powerhouse before an impromptu trip, and you’re good to go.
5400W = 3000W AC + 2400W Solar( At least 2×B300 are REQUIRED)

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5 Ways to Charge

Flexible to charge your AC300 via wall outlet, solar panels, car, generator and lead-acid battery, etc. Stay connected anytime, anywhere.

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24/7 UPS Home Backup.

With the BLUETTI Smart Home Panel, you can tie the AC300 power system to your home grid. Always get ready for power outages.

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240V Connection Available

Pair 2×AC300 units and hook up 8×B300 batteries, you can build the unparalleled power center for home comfort. The BLUETTI Fusion Box Pro (P030A) is REQUIRED.

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Multiple Outlets for Every Need

The NEMA TT-30 and 12V/30A DC port are perfect for RVers. Meanwhile, the wireless chargers enable you to charge compatible smart phones, earphones and so on.

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BLUETTI AC300 Inverter Module Generator | 3,000W (Requires The B300 to Work)

$1,399.00$1,649.99 (-15%)

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