BLUETTI AC500 + B300S | Home Battery Backup

$3,399.00$7,999.00 (-15%)

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$3,399.00$7,999.00 (-15%)

  • AC500 + B300S
  • AC500 + 2 x B300S


Modular Solar Power System for All Needs

AC500 & B300S, the expandable power system, will definitely shift the way you harness the solar energy. It’s designed to help you go through power outages, stay connected to unlimited energy wherever you are heading.

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5000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

This inverter delivers quality pure sine wave output and takes up to 10kW surge, ensuring anything you plug in will be running to its full functionality and capacity.

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Charge in Any Way You Like

​No matter where you are, you can charge your AC500 system at any time. With the wall outlet and solar panels plugged in, the AC500 system supports up to 8,000W* impressive input rate. Get the system recharged before you pack up for the camping, and your power will be ready when you are.At least 2*B300S packs required.

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Power Option for Personalization

AC500 is 100% modular and can accept up to 6×B300S (3,072Wh each) expansion battery packs, adding up to an overall capacity of 18,432Wh – Power your whole family’s basic needs for DAYS either in daily use or power outages!

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Take Care of Your Heavy-duty Equipment

Connecting two AC500 units allows you to can run 240V appliances with ease. Plus, with 12*B300S batteries, you’ll get an impressive capacity of 36,864Wh to reduce grid dependence and pay less for electricity.

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BLUETTI AC500 + B300S | Home Battery Backup

$3,399.00$7,999.00 (-15%)

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