EcoFlow DELTA Max 1600 Portable Power Station

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$1,199.00$1,378.99 (-13%)


Multiple Charging Outputs & Big Capacity – DELTA 1000 features 6* AC PURE SINE WAVE outlet (100V-120V 1600W 3100W Peak), 2*USB-C port, 2* USB-A ports, 2*USB-A fast charge and 1* standard DC 13.6V port, power your smartphone, laptop, camera, drones, in-car appliances, CPAP machine, refrigerator, blender and more at any time without worry.

X-Stream Charging + Solar – Fast charging power generator that hits 80% in under 1hr. Or, use it as a solar generator for clean solar charging and get up to 400W input with MPPT optimization.

Safety First – A portable power station with a rugged design and BMS protection to keep you safe. Monitor voltage, current, short circuit, and temp in real-time.

High Performance and Handy Power Source – DELTA 1000 is a portable power station with 1008 wh, which meets different kinds of electricity demands outdoor usage for home, travel, camping, and backseat on long road trips.

Unleash Your Capacity

Home power security

DELTA Max’s large 2kWh capacity keeps your home appliances running during a blackout. Expand up to 6kWh with Extra Batteries for several days of reliable backup power.


Fast charging speeds

EcoFlow’s patented X-Stream AC fast charging lets you recharge DELTA Max in only 1.8 hours.
Or even quicker if you combine any two charging methods, that’s from an AC wall outlet, solar panels, or a Smart Generator.



Power 99% of essential appliances

DELTA Max powers almost all the devices you need with a large 2400W AC output.
Using 3400W X-Boost mode, power even high-wattage appliances without overloading.




Emergency backup

In the most extreme cases, use the EcoFlow Smart Generator to efficiently recharge using DC.
Once DELTA Max hits a low battery level, the Smart Generator kicks in automatically, fully recharging your battery.


Harness the power of the sun

Connect solar panels of up to 800W to keep DELTA Max running even when there’s an outage.
With an advanced MPPT algorithm, DELTA Max maintains optimal solar generation throughout the day.



Monitor & control from the EcoFlow app

Take control of your DELTA Max and quick-view stats right from your phone.
Customize settings such as charging speeds and Smart Generator auto-start levels to fit your power needs.



Reliable BMS

EcoFlow’s battery management system analyzes DELTA Max’s vitals in real-time, regulating voltage, current, and temperature.
BMS keeps DELTA Max safe and efficient, maintaining its life for years to come.


Plug and play home backup power

Power your essential appliances with 2000W huge ACoutput by directly connecting the DELTA Max with Transfer Switch and a Power Cord for partial home backup. With a plug-and-play design, it’s easier than ever to prepare for blackouts.

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Expandable home backup power.

A single DELTA Max unit packs a 2kWh capacity that is expandable up to 6kWh with DELTA Max smart extra batteries. This means when a blackout hits, you can continue to power your important home devices such as your fridge and lights for hours on end.


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Convenient and fast dual charging.

DELTA Max charges up safely and rapidly from 0-80% in just 65 minutes. And it gets even better. If you’re looking for an even faster way to charge up DELTA Max, you can combine AC with the smart generator to get up to 3400W, AC with solar to get up to 2600W, or the Smart Generator with solar to get up to 2600W.*


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Power 99% of your home devices.

With EcoFlow’s X-Boost technology, DELTA Max can power heavy-duty devices up to 3400W. That means during a power outage or blackout, you can continue to power your fridge, dryer, and more. That’s the industry gold standard for a portable power station of this size and capacity.


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Harness the power of the sun.

DELTA Max connects with up to 2x 400W EcoFlow solar panels to deliver 800W Max solar charging speeds. With a voltage range from 11-100V and the Solar connector, you can also connect other solar panels to your DELTA Max. Even during cold or cloudy days, our smart maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm automatically detects voltage and current in real time to give you optimum solar generation throughout the day.


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Emergency backup power.

Disasters can occur at any time of the year, sometimes lasting longer than we ever expected. When extended blackouts hit, the EcoFlow Smart Generator serves as an emergency option that integrates with DELTA Max. It auto-starts when your DELTA Max hits a low level of charge, recharges your DELTA Max, and stops the engine all by itself once your DELTA Max hits a full charge. This gives you a reliable emergency backup option that relies on minimum use of a generator.


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Control, monitor, and manage your energy use.

Control and monitor your DELTA Max with the EcoFlow app. Dive into the settings to customize your power use or control DELTA Max remotely.


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Multiple ways to charge.

There are multiple ways to charge DELTA Max wherever you are. If you’re at home, plug into an AC wall outlet or solar panels. If you’re out and about, charge DELTA Max in your car or use solar panels if you’ve set up camp. In extreme emergencies during power outages, connect the DELTA Max to the Smart Generator for a last-standing power source.

 Solar Charging


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AC Charging


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Solar Generator


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Car Charging


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EcoFlow DELTA Max 1600 Portable Power Station

$1,199.00$1,378.99 (-13%)

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