EcoFlow DELTA Pro*2 + Double Voltage Hub + Transfer Switch 306A

$5,363.00$6,166.99 (-13%)

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$5,363.00$6,166.99 (-13%)


  • Simple power outage solution – With a plug-and-play design, it’s easier than ever to prepare for blackouts. Simply connect to your existing power inlet box for instant home backup when the power goes down.
  • A clean gas generator alternative – Exchange noisy, high-maintenance gas generators for quiet and reliable home backup and convenient EV charging.
  • Double your output – Pair two units to hit the massive 7200W and 240V to power your entire home by plugging into the power inlet box.
  • 7.2kWh capacity – Store 7.2kWh of energy to run your home or your electric vehicle.
  • Additional outlets – Get three extra outlets, including two NEMA 6-20 outlets and a NEMA L14-30 for EV charging.


1. 1x NEMA L14-30P to L14-30R cable is included in this bundle to hook up the Double Voltage Hub into your home’s power inlet box.

2. The Double Voltage Hub requires two EcoFlow DELTA Pro units.


All-in-one home backup power.

Simple, sustainable, and affordable whole-home backup power solutions with an output power of up to 7200W and a whopping 21.6kWh capacity for security and comfort.
Easily chain together two DELTA Pro using the Double Voltage Hub and plug in to your breaker panel via an existing power inlet box or transfer switch.
The solution provides a convenient home battery system without rewiring or running dangerous extension cables through your home.

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Be prepared for any outages.

Stay ahead of the game, bring warmth and security to your family. Easily integrate your DELTA Pros and Double Voltage Hub to your home circuits via the transfer switch, selecting up to 6 circuits such as fridge, garage door, outlets in main living areas, light switches, etc.

With DELTA Pro’s expandable capacity, enjoy peace of mind with up to 1 week of essential energy storage from 7.2kWh-21.6kWh with Extra Batteries.


Clean & silent power alternative.

Replace noisy, smoky generators with a silent and fume-free portable home battery solution.

Unlike generators, these batteries are flexible to use both outdoors and indoors to run all your essentials during a blackout.

And, with the help of solar energy, they can easily be recharged during an extended outage.


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Power your entire home with 240V and 7200W.

Battery backup has never offered this kind of output.

The Double Voltage Hub doubles the AC output to 7200W and 240V, so you can run 99% of all home appliances, including high-wattage ones like a clothes dryer or electric heater.

Note: The Double Voltage Hub requires two EcoFlow DELTA Pro units.


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Fast recharging between outages.

Fully recharge the DELTA Pro in 1.8 hrs with 240V outlets(3000W), 2.7 hrs with 1800W wall outlets.

Ideal for juicing up the battery between short outages. EcoFlow’s X-Stream charging technology isn’t just fast, it’s safe too with EcoFlow’s battery management system.



Achieve power self-sufficiency.

Customize your own solar system has never been this easy. Get limitless energy and save energy bills with solar panels.

No sun, no wind, and a blackout hits? You’re still good. Lean on the Smart Generator as a last resort to charge your batteries.


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EcoFlow DELTA Pro*2 + Double Voltage Hub + Transfer Switch 306A

$5,363.00$6,166.99 (-13%)

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