EcoFlow Smart Home Panel Combo [1 x Smart Home Panel + 5 x Relay Module (15A) + 5 x Relay Module (20A) + 3 x Relay Module (30A)]

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$1,599.00$1,838.99 (-13%)


A smart home battery system – Made specifically for the DELTA Pro ecosystem, the Smart Home Panel connects the DELTA Pro portable power station right to your home’s wiring.

Backup power for essential home appliances – When the grid goes down, the Smart Home Panel instantly switches to battery backup mode using any connected DELTA Pro units. Your home will go on strong with up to 7200W of power and 25kWh of energy when properly equipped.

EcoFlow app control – Monitor, control, and manage energy through the EcoFlow app. The app gives real-time metrics and lets you avoid peak rates.

Peak rate avoidance – If you’re on a time-of-use billing rate, you can use the Smart Home Panel and attached DELTA Pros to store energy when rates are low and consume it when rates are high.

Sustainable & self-sufficient – When you attach Solar-compatible solar panels to DELTA Pro, your home gets a little more eco-conscious. The Smart Home Panel links free, renewable solar energy to your wall outlets, lighting, and other fixtures. With enough solar input, your home can become self-sufficient.


The EcoFlow Smart Home Panel integrates EcoFlow DELTA Pro with your home to achieve a flexible, expandable home battery solution to store energy for later use.

Link up to 10 of your home circuits for uninterrupted power during blackouts, smart energy management, and more. All while saving money in the process.


Prepare your home for power outages.

When a blackout hits, the Smart Home Panel immediately switches to your 10 integrated circuits and draws power from your DELTA Pro(s).
You’ll barely notice a loss of power as your chosen circuits stay powered with a mere 20ms switchover time.


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Expand capacity and output.

The Smart Home Panel supports and fast charges up to two DELTA Pro(s) at a time, alongside their extra batteries + smart generator(s).
That gives you a potential 240V, 7200W output and 25kWh of capacity at your control, enough to power pretty much anything in your home, delivering days of power during blackouts.


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Control, monitor, and manage your energy use.


Control each of your integrated home circuits via the EcoFlow app and get a birds-eye view of your energy consumption habits.
Dive into the settings to customize your power use.
You can optimize for home backup, saving money, or custom options to schedule your energy use based on your needs.
Once you’re set, you can even control which power source your house uses, all from your phone.


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Save money on your electricity bills.

Draw power from your DELTA Pro(s) to power your home during peak energy use hours, this lowers your bills and reduces pressure on the grid during peak hours.
During off-peak hours, use low-cost/renewable energy to charge your DELTA Pro(s) back to full.

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How it all comes together.

The DELTA Pro Ecosystem all links together with the Smart Home Panel at its heart.


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Achieve power self-sufficiency.

Reduce your reliance on the grid and prepare for blackouts.
Opt for EcoFlow’s range of portable solar panels to store energy at any time, or charge from your AC coupled rooftop solar panels while the grid is on-line.
No sun? We’re working on a wind turbine. No sun or wind? Charge via the grid.
No sun, no wind, and a blackout hits? You’re still good.
Lean on the EcoFlow Smart Generator as a last resort to charge your batteries.


*This product does not provide an AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter) function. All upstream breakers should be non-GFCI/AFCI. GFCI and AFCI protection should be downstream of the SHP using GFCI/AFCI breakers or outlets.

**How to choose Relay Modules:

  1. Load planning: With a Smart Home Panel, selective loads are installed where they will be the most effective during power outages or energy savings management. Consider areas that would significantly affect comfort, such as refrigerator and lights, and choose the maximum of 10 selective loads from your breaker panel based on their efficiency in load.

  2. Collect the load info: Determine the number and current rating of the load circuits that you plan to connect. Consult your electrician if you need support with this. 

  3. Determine the relay modules needed: Choose the relay module that matches the current rating for the circuit breaker upstream of that load circuit. Recommended relay modules for regions: 15A, 20A, 30A for US and Japan.


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EcoFlow Smart Home Panel Combo [1 x Smart Home Panel + 5 x Relay Module (15A) + 5 x Relay Module (20A) + 3 x Relay Module (30A)]

$1,599.00$1,838.99 (-13%)

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