SunGoldPower 10KW 48V Split Phase Solar Inverter

$1,569.00$1,849.99 (-15%)

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$1,569.00$1,849.99 (-15%)


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Configured with Wi-Fi components, allowing user to quick and easyaccess to inverter data on mobile phone.

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PV can charge the battery and supply the power to the load by inverter, if PV orbattery is no power, you canpowerthe load and charge the battery by the gridor generator.

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An off-grid solar inverter with solar panels that generates electricity, stores that power in solarbatteries,
and runs independently from the power grid.

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SunGoldPower 10KW 48V Split Phase Solar Inverter

$1,569.00$1,849.99 (-15%)

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